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 established in 1986


Our company

is here to serve your equine needs.

Over the years we have provided riding opportunities for individuals from ages 6 and up. We also offer other equine activities such as boarding, summer horse camp, western and english riding lessons, birthday parties, and trail rides. 



The History of M&H Stables

M&H Stables began in 1986 strictly by accident. H, (Joyce Holland) had two horses for her own riding pleasure, and M, (Rick Morrell) her pastor from church asked her if he bought a horse, could he keep it on her property. She thought he was just kidding her and said yes. The rest is history. In July of 1997 M&H Stables moved from its original five acre location at 240 14th Ave N.E. to 2750  Newman Dr. In this location we were partners with Sunvac Corporation for four years and then shared the facilities with Everglades ranch for four years. On September 1, 2005 M&H Stables moved to 2920 Newman drive as a temporary location while awaiting our new facility to be finished. In September of 2008 we moved into our permanent location of 20 acres at 5450 Stable way. 



Contact Us

Give us a call or send an e-mail today

for more information or to make reservations. 

Contact Michelle (Shelly) for: 
Riding lessons, trail rides and parties (239) 289-4966

Contact Joyce for: 

Boarding (239)455-8764 

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